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Saturday August 12, 2017 17:1815

Iran actors with Hemophilia to stage ‘The Still Alarm’

A number of hemophilia actors in Iran have been scheduled to stage ‘The Still Alarm’ play.

According to a Saturday local media report, the play will go on stage after Islamic lunar months of Muharram and Safar in collaboration with Iran’s Hemophilia Organization.

Director Mohammad-Reza Jamal also told media, “'The Still Alarm' has four characters and tells the story of a fire which leads to disappointment for one of them and the others make efforts to face it.”

“All of the play cast and crew, but two who do the organizational tasks, have been selected from the patients with hemophilia to encourage such patients to blend into society,” Jamal noted.

He also added that the play, written by the US playwright George S. Kaufman, was translated into Persian and published in 2001.

Insinuating the important role of theater in society, the director called on those active in theater to pay more attention to the Hemophilia Organization and other foundations for special diseases.

Hemophilia is a disorder that impedes blood clotting in the human body.