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Amlash is a city in the Iranian province of Gilan which scores high on natural and cultural resources.

Being endowed with beautiful and attractive natural landscapes, Amlash annually attracts many domestic and foreign tourists.

Those who are drawn into a general tendency to escape the hardship of urban life find Amlash the best gateway to mental relaxation.

In terms of geomorphology and topography, the city is divided into three zones of plains, foothills and mountainous area.

With a height over 670 cm, the historical tower of Mill Omam is one of the important historical attractions of the region.

The old house of Sufi is also another historical spot of Amlash that is of huge interest to tourists from all over the country.

Amlash is also the name of an important culture which is well represented in all major museums as well as important private collections and galleries of ancient art.

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