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Mineral hot spring of Falak Deh enjoys therapeutic properties and biodiversity that attract many tourists to the village in northern Iran.

Falak Deh is a village in Dohezar Forst of Tonekabon County in Iran’s Mazandaran Province.

The village is home to a hot spring which nestles in the heart of the forest.

Besides attracting nature lovers, the spring is good for patients with Arthritis and similar medical issues.

Falak Deh’s spring water is quite potable with no unpleasant smell and Sulfur is not a naturally occurring mineral in such hot spring.

The village of Falak Deh is known for its cool climate that makes it a major destination in hot seasons.

The roads in northern Iran lie inside a green belt boundary, covered in a heavenly blanket of fog - beautified by the scent of fresh natural flora.

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